TypeI: ProjectV: Research


During this process of creating posters, I researched some posters that used type in different ways, and saved some that I was interested in, or things that made me think:

These were particularly noticeable or just of interest to me.

This first one was very interesting, because it went exactly against the idea of letting type breathe. It just enclosed type. It was something that made me think about how people manipulate and create tensions between rules of type:


Arabic typography, is something that looks formally interesting. It was particularly eye catching because I often see many english posters online, but not too many arabic posters.

Formally, I was interested in how the type went around the eye. But the first thing I began to wonder is, if this was a gimmick or if it had something to do with the content of the poster. I also began to wonder if the arabic type was actually very readable over the face and the clothing.


This was just a poster I came across that really interested me, because it really reflected our graphic design department professors!


I had fun looking up these posters. It made me think about the endless ways of using type. I was excited to create my own poster through these, because I realized how important type is, and how rather flexible and interesting it could be.

It also showed me how much I was learning, because while looking at these examples I was able to agree/disagree, and really begin to question what was happening in the image. Before I would always think something looked good/bad, but I wouldn’t quite know why. Now I was beginning to be able to explain and reason my opinion.

Another question I began to have about type, was how it applies when you use another language that you are unfamiliar with. As there are differences and vast similarities with using English to Arabic, I wondered how that applied to Korean or any other language, as well as whether Korean designers were able to use English effectively.

I personally, had a problem with this specific alignment of English type, I felt that optically the story was odd, and that it felt very close to the top.


These are other examples that I was looking up, some of them that I saw really reminded me of the one in the classroom:


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