TypeI: ProjectV: Class Evaluation

Then I tiled. I had a buffering moment because it had been a while since I tiled, so it felt strange tiling:


The main things I gained from listening to other peoples critiques were:

  1. Choose to align your text with visual elements that are important or more interesting to the composition
  2. Make sure your eye goes around the page – problems can arise of type that goes in one general area – try to spread it around – make sure other areas of the poster are also considered and makes the audience look at everything
  3. Image is hook, sentence is second interest, then paragraph is your interest up close. This idea of hook and going forward to details, is something I need to keep remembering forward.
  4. Be aware of type size – too big or too small?
  5. Be aware of how type works alongside an image. I thought about how either enough tension has to be created to differentiate it from the image, or how type can be used to blend and add another visual shape, as well as content to the work – example of Reham’s austere, how one text is a block text and then the sentence takes the shape of the hoop
  6. Make sure that readability is easy
    1. don’t separate paragraphs or sentences too much.
    2. Color contrast has to be increased at times – take care of opacity in the case of using boxes over the image for type
    3. White on black is harder to read and needs more spacing than black on white.
  7. Don’t necessarily hide type – don’t necessarily make it a part of or a continuum of the existing image

Then, I was told I was done, but I had to ask about image quality and whether the alignment looked optically awkward in any way, simply because I matched it to my eyes, but maybe it wouldn’t be to others. But, I was told I was done, so I printed!



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