M&P: Project03: Concept


Our concept was the idea of making everyone unhappy, and we chose to do it through conveying unfairness.

I thought that unfairness would be very clear if firstly, the girls were at a disadvantage of having no guys, then there were gloves/no gloves. Visually, people would already feel that it is an unfair game.

And through this unfair game the people that lost will be unhappy and feel that this is unfair. The people that win will be relatively happy, but then they will lose their prize. The losing teams that thought they were getting the prize will be angry with the prize, as well.

In addition, we plan to control our attitude, to be very strict and not empathetic.

We want everyone to feel annoyed, frustrated, or unhappy about what happened, or that they had to participate in the game, because they will feel like they did it for no reason. But, we know that it was all for our entertainment. The gamemakers will have fun watching them suffer or struggle through the game.


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