M&P: Project03: Final Reflection


About the actual day though, I was very concerned and nervous, but wasn’t too dissatisfied with how the installation went. It was clearly very interactive.

When the first thing that people commented on ours was that it was UNFAIR, I screamed YES!! inside. When they thought through the process and learned that they were “used” for our entertainment, it was interesting to see their reactions. No one took the bags, by the way.

The process and element of surprise was an interesting aspect. But I realized that if I were to do it again, we would have to make sure that we would slow down the process a bit, for people to realize what was happening.

In the end, our concept did go through, though the reason I gave myself criticism, was because I felt the tempo was parts where we should improve. But it was nice that we didn’t really have to explain our concept, but that they actually did feel it. Though it needed a bit of procedure explaining, they did feel unhappy and felt it was unfair. They did get to the point that it was about them becoming entertainment in a set-up game, for the audience. Which is exactly what happens in the hunger games. Though we deconstructed this idea of the virtual entertainment because it causes somebody happiness through another’s misfortune. The book has many more layers, but we chose to pick this peculiar side and interpretation of the story.

*Apologies if I repeat the same things, but I think I felt the same things again, so sometimes I write it then, again.

I appreciated the groupwork, and that everyone did try to put their time and effort into the group. I felt that in total, in terms of the “labor work” or the creating the visuals, and getting the materials, we did an excellent job working together. It was more developing the concepts that really I struggled with.

I really wanted the members to agree with my ideas and talk through each idea that it was taking so much time. Actually, now while I write the reflection, I realize that I was mainly bringing up all the ideas, especially towards the end. Because I remember only trying to get my ideas and changes approved by the group, and not ever really approving something, after the concept of misfortune was set.

I think maybe I wanted the other members to also suggest other options, so I was kind of sad, somewhat that it wasn’t happening.

I think I was too accommodating of everyone’s opinions and happiness that it became a more difficult and less progressive process. I think I have to be more critical fro now on.

I think in future, I will not expect a certain thing from the members, because there’s nothing I can control about them and their thinking. So I will focus on myself and the work I am doing. I mainly tried to really get them to work because I thought that was the meaning of groupwork, but I learned that we have different people, different strengths, different thoughts, and I really have to be consciously aware to appreciate whatever they do/do not bring to the table.

I think I will just have to make sure to confront an issue with a clearer voice next time. I think I will try and be extra annoying and get people to work!

I think this project really made me reconsider how I work with people. I learned that sometimes I need to be uncomfortable, as I need to make others uncomfortable, if necessary. I need to self-note that people are very different.

I think I just kept thinking throughout this projectt that I needed to just work my best, that if I worked hard, I could still do well. I found out many things about myself.

  1. I found out that I have a love for an extent of control.
  2. I am somewhat of a perfectionist in other people’s eyes, or at least very hard working and timely, I realized this from the comments my members made – how they remembered me as they got out of bed and hurried to uni.
  3. I found out that I have a natural tendency to lead the conversation in a project.
  4. I like having confirmation for the ideas that I have
  5. I prefer to include everyone’s opinion and adjust so that everyone’s opinion is best represented
  6. I believed that groupwork should be a very equal process in reality, though I’ve never done a project where I haven’t done a lot of work, I kept thinking this, and so it made me feel frustrated, but I realized that there’s no need. So what? I do what makes me comfortable, and try to analyze and effectively assign the roles of other people then. I have to work around it, as I can’t control other people
  7. I really love being on time, finishing early, keeping promises. I’ve always grown up with this being a part of respect and manners to the other person(s).
  8. I am a veryyyyy anxious person about possible uncertainties, or just about everything in general. But I think it’s what helps to keep me questioning how to improve aspects.

I think when you work alone, you don’t really learn as much about yourself, as you do in a group. Because I think you learn the things you like, by seeing the things you don’t agree with as well. Conflicts help uncover your beliefs.

Though in the beginning I was hating how the groupwork came at the end, I think I wouldn’t have been able to see all this as well, if I had done it in the beginning of the semester. I think Law’s comment about how I should think about myself, really helped me get over what other people did, and focus on the things I could do, and the things that I understood from the things that others were doing.

Also, this project, the scale of the project was very time consuming and I understood at the end, why this needed to be a group project. All the materials we had to get, the time that went in, everything made it great that it was a group project. I think it was overall a fun process, but I think it was more stressful and created anxiety.

In addition, I think that having to evaluate your peers, always makes me very critical about things I never thought about during the process, things I’ve done and things that they’ve done. And when they ask me about how much they’ve done, I prefer to be honest, then only evaluate them on the grade-sheet. I’ve had two people do this, and I have been very honest. It is an uncomfortable situation, but I felt it creates room for improvement this way.


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