M&P: Project03: Final Touches

In the morning, we realized there was just a couple of things we needed to print.

The one on the left was something I made a lot earlier, and then we decided to make it a card, so I reformatted it, and we had printed it A3 yesterday, and decided to make it A4, because it felt too large.


We also just had to print and cut out these lables:

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 8.26.06 PM.png

Just the last processes of putting makeup on, on the day. This actually took longer, because we would ask each other if this was okay/not.


On the day we practiced through officially, how the process was going to go. Ebi was the MC, I was in charge of being one of the spectators and changing the music, I took this role just in case I would have to oversee anything out of thought and to help Ebi out if need be. Then Latifa was the person in charge of making sure people took the correct paper, and Maha was in charge of the line.

The day needed a lot more tedious care than we thought, the space that we borrowed was being used to put all the hammocks, the chairs were put back, some of the furniture we put in place were shifted, even though we asked and confirmed that they would not be moved. It was really annoying that for some reason, they were okay for one moment, then they say it’s not okay, and they say they would remove something, but then don’t do it. It was a frustrating situation because we had enough to deal with, even if we didn’t have to fight the facilities department.

I was taken aback and really self-reflected when Ebi showed up without having printed the notes for her being the MC, i expected that she would print it, so I changed it on her computer and fixed the order, but this didn’t happen, so i was confused. I blamed myself, in not being clear to specify that she should do this.

Us dressed up altogether… thanks? to the fire alarm…:


Also, we got everyone roses to indicate that we were “different,” just in case the clothes weren’t clear. It was also because white roses play a role in symbolism of president snow at parts, so we decided to use roses. White for Leland and Law who are the highest of the social hierarchy in this case, then the gamemakers who held the blue roses, then all the rest – players of the game.


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