Imaging: Project Summary

Project 1:

Tarot cards


This project started with developing an interest and knowledge on countries we were unfamiliar with. As a South Korean, I have a personal interest in North Korea and the secrecy of the nation. There’s so many things that are under the blind about North Korea, though we are both ‘Koreans.’

This specific project began with my interests in stereotypes and interest in those that surrounded Kim Jong Un. Therefore, in my illustrations, I develop a character that reflects and exaggerates some stereotypes, as well as added my touch to it. I developed him as a self-loving, merciless, and a lover of eating. My intention wasn’t heavy, it was to create a fun character.


Project 2:



This was a project developed on the basis of social impact.

Because I really enjoyed the previous project, along the way, I wanted to explore different methods of character development. I began with the theme of ice cream, but setting the direction was difficult. I started with these:Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 9.03.11 PM.png

Then, I developed the idea of fruits, and making it interesting for kids, they did not have to be villainous, but it could be silly/weird.

So then, the project was aimed at created a small social impact on created popsicles that were healthy, but ones that made children want to eat them. It tries to create this by creating not only funky illustrations, but also through creating a packaging that is more engaging to open.


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