ImagingII: ProjectI: Ideation


A. x3 ideas of subject with a list of variables – define the space and write a paragraph for each subject

Idea I

Subject: Consumption of food

Space: Dining Table

Possible variables

  1. Culture (Setting, Time)
  2. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  3. Age (Adolescence, Adults)
  4. Methods of dining

I think there are very many possibilities for this idea of table setting. But, I think some of the more interesting options would be to show foods of different cultures in different ways. One would be to create maps of each culture and their kinds of foods they eat in terms of ratio of protein, carbohydrates, sugars. Another would be to create a visualization in methods of eating, or hand movement as you go through appetizers, main, and dessert. Or maybe we create a map of the different styles of breakfast, lunch, dinner, that is seen through different cultures. Or maybe, we can even focus on the preparation of the process, how the food is put together. And then, so how do each of the cultures overlap or not, in what they consume?


These are just some sketches I tried to draw to better visualize, or see if it was even possible that I would do it in this way.

The first sketch, is kind of playing with creating a character to represent the proportionate consumption of a certain type of foods against each other.

The second sketch, is quite simple and literal, where it’s a plan of showing where your hands move during a meal, therefore, how much you each of what, or rather how many times.

Idea II

Subject: Finger movement on phone

Space: Phone Surface

Possible Variables:

  1. Time of day
  2. Place (school, home)
  3. Activity

In this case, I was thinking of creating a kind of informative map, on the usage of the phone. So, how much is one app clicked vs. the other. How many times does one lock, or unlock the phone. The variable would then be in terms of a time of play and time of work, how does that change our use? And this could also map how many places we take our phone – while we eat, go to the bathroom, exercise, etc.  So then, it’s a question of how much we fiddle with this tiny surface space of a phone.

Idea V

Subject: Entrance to purchase

Space: Stores (Qatar)

Possible Variables:

  1. Different stores: IKEA, CARREFOUR, ZARA
  2. Shortest, longest route
  3. Methods to raise purchase

I think this idea will most likely end up with, or at least starts with an idea that is a lot more of a rigid map. But, it was the idea of creating different maps that showed how a person had to walk around a store, in order to get from the entrance to the purchasing system. The variable would be to measure the shortest, to longest route that needs to be taken, in getting to the cashier. And then, the question would be why do they use certain placement in the cashier, and how do they use strategies to get more purchases, e.g. the last temptations of chocolate at the cashier.


This sketch is me seeing how one would map out the shortest to longest routes in three different kinds of stores, especially in how they are placing the entrance and cashier.

Idea VI

Subject: Brain activity

Space: Brain

Possible Variables:

  1. Work, play, sleep (dream vs. activity)
  2. Female vs. Male
  3. Child vs. Adult
  4. Sleeping 3-4 hours vs. 7-9hours.

After researching, and being very inspired by the artist Grayson Perry’s map on the psychological states, I learned that it wasn’t impossible to map the dream world. I had been wanted to somehow map the thought and the dreaming process, but I didn’t know how. However this made me realize that I could use the space of the brain. I wouldn’t know how to do it perfectly yet, but I would be talking about what parts of the brain are activated while active (work/play) or when you are asleep. I still wouldn’t really know how I would approach this visually that well, but I thought it was a interesting topic to explore and research more in depth.



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