Project I: Palate Spices

Palate: A special collection of spices from Qatar. In recognition of the economy of plastic often used for spices in Qatar, this set of spices is also economic, but further aims to use cartons made of recyclable paper. The packaging reminisces that of a milk carton, to create a more convenient, facilitative way of pouring […]

TypeII: ProjectI: Market Research

Research Photographs in the store I had a lot more thought on different ideas, but I felt that these three were the ones I was most interested in exploring: Instant coffee Milk and Cereal Chocolate (Souq)/Spices (Souq)

ImagingII: ProjectI: Ideation

Ideation A. x3 ideas of subject with a list of variables – define the space and write a paragraph for each subject Idea I Subject: Consumption of food Space: Dining Table Possible variables Culture (Setting, Time) Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Age (Adolescence, Adults) Methods of dining I think there are very many possibilities for this idea […]

Imaging: Project Summary

Project 1: Tarot cards This project started with developing an interest and knowledge on countries we were unfamiliar with. As a South Korean, I have a personal interest in North Korea and the secrecy of the nation. There’s so many things that are under the blind about North Korea, though we are both ‘Koreans.’ This […]

TypeI: ProjectV: Reflection

Reflection on Poster This last process to put the poster together was interesting. It seemed easy, but it was very hard to activate well. Although my poster was very white, so it should’ve been relatively easier, I think, or I thought. It was hard because the type had to help the image, not add harm. […]

M&P: Project03: Final Reflection

  About the actual day though, I was very concerned and nervous, but wasn’t too dissatisfied with how the installation went. It was clearly very interactive. When the first thing that people commented on ours was that it was UNFAIR, I screamed YES!! inside. When they thought through the process and learned that they were “used” […]