Design Tech (5 Weeks Progress)

Experimenting with physical/digital techniques and effects We were told to make 100 images, and we each chose 15 to print in the end. It helped us to explore the method of scanning – scanner, phone app, as well as the materials to create marks.     We then learned about cropping images, as people all used […]

DesignTech: Illustrator and Objects

This is the classwork/homework that we had today. At first, especially, I found it very difficult, as I know that I am not very good with illustrator. However, I enjoyed the process, because it was fun to recreate these objects. I somewhat dreaded it in the beginning, but it started to get exciting when I was able […]

DesignTech: Shapes and Scans

These are the images we created after the first scans. At first we were told to create these different designs using these shapes. Therefore everyone went crazy to make different designs that very very complex: We were then asked to use no techniques, use exactly three shapes, you could use thickness and negative vs. positive, but […]

ImagingI: Scans

These are the 18 scans I printed, and then I selectively chose to paste after that, because I had some that were similar that I wanted to choose from after printing and seeing how it looked. As I was creating these images, I felt it that I was creating very circular images repetitively. However, this […]