Imaging: Project Summary

Project 1: Tarot cards This project started with developing an interest and knowledge on countries we were unfamiliar with. As a South Korean, I have a personal interest in North Korea and the secrecy of the nation. There’s so many things that are under the blind about North Korea, though we are both ‘Koreans.’ This […]

Imaging (5 Weeks Process)

Categories and sub categories of images In the beginning, we were told to find images for each of the six main categories: photography, illustrations, pictograms, memes, patterns, type as image. Then, we chose separate groups, and I went to pictograms. I began to learn that there are is an infinite variety of images that may […]

Imaging I: Learning about images

What have I learned about images? Everything about learning images is something very new for me, or rather it’s something I’ve never had to categorise in its type, the message it conveys, the kind of image it is and so forth. Mainly, I was fascinated by how there are somewhat infinite kinds of categories in images. […]

ImagingI: Finding Images

Photograph A            Quality – Architectural landscape photo                Content – It is a picture taken at night, of a giant lamp sculpture lit up in front of a building                Message – The environmental designers intend to entertain with a sophisticated sense of humor […]