Final Reflection

After the class discussion today, I decided to revisit for a reflection in response to the discussion. I think in total, this process of diverging and converging gave me a process that I could work with. It taught me that if I was stuck on visualizing, I could take the bits apart and then put […]

M&P: ProjectI: Timeline & Concept

Making Images Being Divergent! First Diverging: Second Diverging: Third Diverging: Convergence! First Converging: Second Converging:   Poster First Stage: Second Stage: Third Stage: Fourth Stage: Final Stage: My Concept It started as the combination of two ideas: How all opinions and objects are entangled and interconnected How “always” is never really stable – it’s always prone […]

M&P: ProjectI: Final Editing and Printing

In the final critique before submission, I got the following advices and began to fix them. I had printed out several trials of colored backgrounds because of a critique about lack of color earlier, but the conclusion amidst some disagreement was that white worked better. I also felt that putting color was somewhat arbitrary, as there wasn’t any […]

M&P: ProjectI: Editing A1 Poster

In class today, we did a criticism session of all posters. After I took the notes, I organized the elements, into these sections: Consistency: Make it flat or 3D Depth: Create depth for keyboards Perspective: Top view or side view, make it the same Clarity: Relationship between word and images unclear, object unclear Color: Not enough […]

M&P: ProjectI: Creating A1 Poster

After this, I decided to make the poster of the entanglement. It was preferred by many people. Many people were divided on whether they preferred the white or stained background. So I decided to ask for the professors advice, and decided on the white one. I think this especially made sense because one thing that […]