M&P: Project002: Final Reflection

What are signs? I think this project fundamentally broke a existing thought I had of signs. Though I was telling myself that everything was a sign, when I was trying to create one, I was going back to the traffic signs, for one reason or other. I really appreciate how this project interrupted and really broke […]

M&P: Project002: Printing Tries

I made two different sets using two different papers, I found that the paper influenced the color as well: The one on the right was more yellow and the one on the left has a stronger bluish tone. The five different images, their meaning and their ratio in persuasive, poetic, pragmatic. 1st: Vernacular: Using the […]

M&P: Project002: Editing String

At first, I drew out each Local, Vernacular, Abstract, and Global. I tried to keep the consistency in each image: Sewing was harder than I thought, and I kept messing up, all of these… The paper was ripping because the paper was too thin, and I’m not that great with sewing. I kept trying different […]

M&P: Project002: Material Studies

I researched perspective, for this image below. It was the idea that A family would sit around the table and look at each other, instead of their phone – it did lack the sense of talking, because all you could see was the eyes, but I felt the image was more in setting and more […]