M&P: Project03: Final Reflection

  About the actual day though, I was very concerned and nervous, but wasn’t too dissatisfied with how the installation went. It was clearly very interactive. When the first thing that people commented on ours was that it was UNFAIR, I screamed YES!! inside. When they thought through the process and learned that they were “used” […]

M&P: Project03: Final Touches

In the morning, we realized there was just a couple of things we needed to print. The one on the left was something I made a lot earlier, and then we decided to make it a card, so I reformatted it, and we had printed it A3 yesterday, and decided to make it A4, because it […]

M&P: Project03: Concept

Concept Our concept was the idea of making everyone unhappy, and we chose to do it through conveying unfairness. I thought that unfairness would be very clear if firstly, the girls were at a disadvantage of having no guys, then there were gloves/no gloves. Visually, people would already feel that it is an unfair game. […]

M&P: Project03: Last edits

So, Maha, Latifa, and I reorganized the chairs: Then altogether, we did the last bits of set-up, moving the extra chairs, sofas, tables away from the space. All of us were working together, but I kept feeling this disconnect when one person would keep saying I’ll do this, I’ll do this by myself, and I […]

M&P: Project03: Working day

Then we began to work on the 12 sided polygon/dodecagon. Latifa and I figured out the lengths of the shape and started to cut, while Maha joined us to cut the rest. Then, we began to stick it on the floor, it was so confusing to create a geometric shape, especially because it wasn’t matching […]

M&P: Project003: Laying structure out

I guess I still felt like the concept was somewhat confusing, I decided to discuss it again with some other peers, out of graphic design. The discussion made it clear that I was confusing them with the original idea. Therefore I began to think about the structure like this: Boys (4) and Girls (19) pick out […]

M&P: Project003: Rope Working

Then, in this class we discussed with Law and Leland how to go about making things unfair for the people. At first we thought to give the group of diamonds – representing luxury district in the hunger games, the gloves, the gear – transportation district in the hunger games the advantage of placement of the […]