TypeI: ProjectV: Reflection

Reflection on Poster This last process to put the poster together was interesting. It seemed easy, but it was very hard to activate well. Although my poster was very white, so it should’ve been relatively easier, I think, or I thought. It was hard because the type had to help the image, not add harm. […]

TypeI: ProjectV: Class Evaluation

Then I tiled. I had a buffering moment because it had been a while since I tiled, so it felt strange tiling: The main things I gained from listening to other peoples critiques were: Choose to align your text with visual elements that are important or more interesting to the composition Make sure your eye […]

TypeI: ProjectV: Research

  During this process of creating posters, I researched some posters that used type in different ways, and saved some that I was interested in, or things that made me think: These were¬†particularly noticeable or just of interest to me. This first one was very interesting, because it went exactly against the idea of letting […]

TypeI: ProjectIV: Reflections on Type

The main things that I got from the process was learning about hanging punctuation, characters per line, and tracking. Hanging punctuation, when I first learned about it in class was just very satisfying. Just how the paragraph lined up made me feel happy about how it looked. As for characters per line, I think it […]