TypeI: ProjectII: Final reflection

I think I learned more about how type works, in terms of kerning and the especially the different endings and beginnings, the slightly different heights for each of the words, even though it appears to be exactly on a straight line, which it is, but bits and pieces cross over a bit. I think playing […]

TypeI: ProjectII: Timeline

Research Finding Definitions: Looking at type: Material Exploration First simple look ats: Three more refined:   Mastering a Material Making the word: Adding Extra Maze parts: First Photographs: Second Photograph set: Final Edits and Print: Concept My concept for this project was the idea of how a maze is so dismal. The idea that a […]

TypeI: ProjectII: Final Printing

Final Printing and Color CMYK and RGB: At first, I printed, and I asked Ibrahim about scale, so that I wouldn’t make the same mistake, again, from methods and processes. He told me that it’s slightly smaller, because of the border. I asked him why, and he told me he could make it 105%, but […]

TypeI: ProjectII: Photography

Then I tried different ways to take photos of this image. I tried the photo studio, I took 76  images, but found out that the lighting was too yellow and also the lighting wasn’t working. I tried so many angles to see if there would be anything good, but I didn’t get much.   This is […]

TypeI: ProjectII: Kerning

I also asked about kerning, because it was essential to my idea from the beginning. It was here that I finally had a lightbulb about the idea of kerning and the usage of the volume in between the letters. When Law and Leland showed me the spaces in between through the colored boxes, it helped visualize […]